The Art of Shane Molina

Shane Molina is a Vancouver Artist who is paving his way through the artist world with his incredible depictions of our most loved Star Wars characters and vehicles. His work has layers of detail and imagination that draw you in to the world he brings to life through his hands, and his art brings the passion of the movies alive. Not only is his artwork incredible, but his sheer aura and inviting way of talking to you is something that cannot be mimicked. A genuine artist with genuine love for all and for his craft, he’s given us the opportunity to ask him some questions and get a peak at his creative mind.
Thanks for taking the time to work with Dweeb Divas, Shane! Why don’t we start off with a little background history in to how you got in to art:
Well thank you so much Dweeb Divas, for having me here! Ever since I got my first collection of crayons as a child, my mind was drawn to creativity and designing creatures and robots! My uncle was my inspiration at a young age. I would gaze and watch him as he drew awesome vehicles and characters! His talent paved my way as an artist. He, still to this very day, is my idol! Knowing what he could just do with ink and water colors opened the gates to the world of art for me! So I started to copy what he was doing till I got my own flow and style happening. Then I defiantly knew by 9 years old this is what I wanted to do for a living!
What is your biggest goal you’ve been working towards since you’ve started in the artist world?
My biggest goal would be opening a school of art and design one day for the young talented artist of the world! I always pictured it being on the Big Island of Hawaii! I was born in Hilo, and the aloha magic there is tremendously present, day and night! There is much talent in the young generation there, and I would love to bring something beautiful to the artistic world back home.
How do you harness your passion to create such emotion-invoking pieces?
I think the biggest part of creating my pieces is the visuals I see around me! Playing videogames, gazing through art books, and watching epic driven movies helps my process a lot. I also believe it has a lot to do with my Ohana! My wife is so supportive of my artwork, as well as my kids! Without them, my art would not be where it is today! I always try and make my next Illustration better than the last, so it is a constant journey in always becoming better. *Smiles*
Generally speaking, how long does one of your pieces take to make from start to finish?
In a general ideation of time it takes to complete a single drawing to finish is about five to six hours. I always start my drawings in a rough pencil sketch, then draw in the line art. From there I usually finish the coloring digitally as the process is cut in half, when normally doing it traditionally via Acrylic paints. I do prefer digital now-a-days with my high demand in art, but I will always love doing art traditionally as it brings out the true artist in all of us!
Living in Vancouver, a place full of artists and lovers of all things nerdy, how have you found the reaction to your artwork?
I have been so humbled in finding thousands of people loving my artwork here in beautiful British Columbia. Vancouver is definitely the base-ground for every artist to start! There is so much opportunity here and it makes showing off your art so easy. I always love helping other artist grow and to extend their talent more and more. Its always a cool feeling where you see so many individuals pick out their favourite pieces from me and share their thoughts about it.
What is a piece you always have wanted to create?
A piece that I always wanted to create is A FULL blown, wide panoramic painting of every iconic battle blended from start to finish from the featured Star Wars films! Another would be continuing to create my Menehune artwork, which depicts my children as warriors with their spirit animals!
Do you have any advice for any artists out there?
I definitely do have some advice for artist out there! “JUST DO IT!” Those were the very words I was told by my own mother. When I first applied in the industry of art and design, it was very competitive. I realized after that I needed to bring something awesome to the table! Just be you and never give up! I certainly did it, without any post secondary education or college degree. I just did it, and now to this very day I help other artist do it too!
Will we be seeing you at a booth in any conventions coming up in the remainder of 2017 or perhaps in 2018?
You can definitely see me at many conventions coming up, the next one I will be at is Fan Expo Vancouver this November! Following, I will be updating my social media with the cons I will be attending next year! I would love to be able to see all of you at Hawaiicon next September!
If you find yourself at any of the events Shane ends up at, do yourself a favor and go check out his art in the flesh. You will not be disappointed, neither by Shane’s amazing attitude or by his artwork!
Thanks for being so great Shane, we cant wait to see more beautiful pieces from you in the future!