Li Kovacs

Interview By Kaycee Castleman

Li Kovacs is a professional Cosplayer and Model. She’s worked for Nintendo, Video Games Live, G4, JMP Productions and more! We had the privilege of sitting down with her to learn more about her passion into the Cosplay world!

What got you into cosplaying?
When I was little costumes were very limited during halloween and I wanted to dress up as Link (who has always been my favorite character) but I never had the option. One year I decided to try to make the outfit myself by buying a big shirt and clothes that resembled Links. It was very quick but I wanted it to be better so I taught myself to sew. A few years after I created mine, I saw on the internet that dressing up in costumes year round was called cosplay. It made me want to go check out some conventions but I couldn’t at the time so I found cosplay sites where I could upload my own photos to. And that is where it all started!
Your cosplays are very detailed. Did you go into cosplaying with the skills to create these works of art?
I was always very artistic when I was little, painting, sculpting, etc so I kind of took those and built on it. I learned the basics of sewing from my Grandmother and my mom and learned how to make things out of wood and other harder materials from my dad. The detail level started out very minimal in the beginning and with time and my skills improving, my work improved as well.
Of the cosplays you’ve done, which have you been the most proud of?
I think Twilight Princess Link will forever be the costume I am the most proud of. It was done really early in my costuming career but it was the most detailed and time consuming costume I have ever created at the time. But it still holds most time consuming! Haha.
The whole costume was created completely from scratch and I also hand made my own chainmail shirt. The whole costume took 6 months to create and it’s still one of my favorites. I plan on remaking it one day because I know my skills have improved a lot since.
You’re a frequent of many cons across the nation, has there been a favorite con or interaction you’ve had at a con?
I definitely have my top favorite conventions. They’re always so much fun to attend. You meet a lot of new people and see what others have created. One of them is PAX just for the fact that it is a convention that is about gaming. I’ve enjoyed it every year I’ve gone and I can really connect with it because I’ve always been a gamer my whole life.
Another con I love so much is SabotenCon in Arizona. Funny part is that it’s always the same weekend as PAX, but when I do get to go, I love it each time. The organizers are incredibly friendly and the environment is extremely comforting.
Lastly, you have worked professionally as a Costumer and Model at various Cons. What is your advice to newer cosplayers to try to make it to that level?
It takes a lot of work and dedication. Doing professional work can also be very exhausting but if you have the drive, devotion and desire to do it, then don’t let anything stop you and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
We want to thank Li Kovacs for taking the time to talk with us! She’s a cosplayer to look up to.