Takayas Jewelry

Have you ever dreamed of being proposed to with a pokemon themed ring? How about a keyblade ring? No? How about a lightsaber ring? Well look no futher, Takaya’s been making your dreams come true with his custom made, nerdy jewelry and we are sure you’re going to want to take a look. Not only is Takayas Mizuno handsome, his brilliance (and nerdiness) is also brought out through his hands.

We got to sit down with the creative genius and ask him some questions about his talents!

Thank you, Takaya, for being our man-crush of the month, and also for letting us speak with you! How did you come in to goldsmithing?
I always knew I wanted to pursue something art-related, but it wasn’t until college that I decided on jewelry. I don’t know that there was a pivotal moment, I just started teaching myself jewelry one day and haven’t stopped since.
What has been the most challenging piece you’ve done?
Any time I receive a custom Final Fantasy ring commission, I know it’s going to be a labor-intensive piece to design because the Final Fantasy worlds are so intricate. All of the characters, weapons, landscapes, etc. in the games have very complex, organic design elements, and capturing this essence in a 2 - 8 mm space can be challenging.
When you first thought of making nerdy jewelry what kind of response did you think you would receive?
I loved video games and anime growing up, and I had been thinking about designing a Legend of Zelda ring for a while, but it started off as only a passion project. In 2013, I shared a few of the Zelda inspired wedding ring designs I came up with on the blog, and almost overnight it made the front page of Reddit. I never expected the col-lection to take off like it did, but I’m so humbled that other fans appreciate my work.
What was your first sale of your nerd inspired jewel-ery like?
After my Zelda designs went viral, I received a huge influx of custom orders all at once for different video games so it was extremely overwhelming and exciting. That whole period was honestly a blur for me because of all the long nights I spent working on the bench to keep up with the demand.
What does creating this kind of jewelery mean to you, and will we be expecting more in the future?
I love creating geek jewelry because each custom jewelry commission takes me back to a different time in my life. A Xenogears wedding band will remind me of playing with Gundams as a kid or a USS Enterprise engagement ring will bring me back to watching Star Trek marathons in college. With every year I’ve been lucky enough to receive custom engagement ring commissions for a wider variety of fan-doms, so you can absolutely expect more geek designs in the future.
We are completely enthralled by the amount of precision and creativity put in to Takayas’ pieces! Alright, who’s gonna propose to us using one of these?